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Miksi valita meidät

Why choose us?

Your interpreting and translation service specialists

Costa Interpreter Center offers efficient and high quality service. Whether it's an interpreter to help at an important moment or a personal or business translation that you need, we aim to offer our customers exactly what they need and when they need it.

In these situations fast and reliable customer service is key and that is our focus.

We are at your service all over Europe, especially in Spain within the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca areas but also wherever you are travelling in Europe and are in need of an interpreter or a translation.



Professional translations - get your free quote

For business or personal need, get a free quote for your translation.

Whether it's a document, certificate, manual, menu, website or product description, we'll get the job done for you.

Depending on the language pair we also offer sworn translations.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

Business consultation

Reach your potential customers

We strive to make it far more likely that potential customers will buy your products and services by focusing the right message in the right language to your potential customers.

Do not let the language barrier get between you and your new customers!



Depending on your need we offer different kinds of interpreting.

On-site interpreting

The interpreter works on-site and makes it possible for people who lack a common language to understand each other.

Telephone interpreting

The interpreter participates via telephone as the customer and the other party are in the same room.
Another option is  a conference call where all the participants are speaking to each other on the phone.

Business interpreting

When an interpreter is needed in a business situation such as a negotiation, presentation or visit.

Team Discussion

For businesses


Consulting service for businesses

Andalusia and especially Costa del Sol is home for thousands of expats from over 100 different countries. During recent years the amount of tourists in Andalusia has climbed to over 10 million per year. That means a lot of potential customers to reach.

For example Costa del Sol has one of the biggest Finnish colonies in the World outside of Finland with an estimated 25.000-30.000 Finns living in the area. In relation to the overall population the Finns are estimated to be the second biggest group of foreigners living in Costa del Sol, the British being the biggest.

Contact us and see how you and your business can benefit from the growing tourism in your area.


Let us remove the language barrier for you!

Business Meeting
Meille töihin

Work with us?


We are constantly looking for professional interpreters and translators.

You are a professional and experienced interpreter or translator and motivated to work in different kinds of situations according to the customer's needs.

Send us your CV and a brief presentation video or a few words describing you as the professional that you are to

We Want to Hear From You

Thank you, we will soon be in contact with you!

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